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Plain Epoxy Coatings Plain Epoxy Coatings

Experience. Quality. Reliability. QBCC Licenced!

Two Pack Epoxy 100% Solids, solvent free low VOC. Designed as a finishing coat of high chemical and wear resistance, is ideal for use in Commercial, Industrial and Marine environments. Plain Coat Epoxies can be tinted in a wide range of colours. Why not colour co-ordinate your floor using your company colours.

Glass, sand or ceramic can be added to the coating to alter the surface grip. If a High Build System is required we have suitable systems including 3mm Epoxy and Epoxy Matrix Systems.

Our Epoxy Systems are well known within the Mining, Fuel and Food Industries. Commercial Kitchens are our area of expertise. We hold all relevant licences and Insurance and only use products that have been formulated, tested and proven within Queensland for over 27 years. Our installers are not contractors but are experienced installers employed by Proflek Coatings Pty Ltd.

Crack Repair, Safety Lines, Bunding, Epoxy Mortar Ramps and Coving are also completed in-house. No need to have separate trades in for the one project. We can complete your job from start to finish.

- Commercial Kitchens
- Warehouses
- Meat Work1
- Food Prep Areas
- Factories
- Commercial Offices
- Clean Rooms
- Retail Showrooms

...just to name a few ares Proflek Coatings is expirenced in.


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