Proflek Coatings can offer over 25 years hands on experience within the waterproofing sector as well as the Epoxy Coating industry giving you the customer a high level of experience and understanding in both fields. Our lead waterproofer has over 25 years’ experience within the building industry as a carpenter in Brisbane therefore has a complete understanding of the industry from the ground up.


What do we waterproof?

- High-rise apartments
- Commercial Bathrooms
- Industrial Bathrooms
- Government Buildings
- Shopping Centres
- External Joint Sealing
- Portable Buildings
- Wet Areas
- Balconies
- Retaining Walls
- Planter Boxes

Our installers are versatile in many waterproofing systems including:

- Polyurethane
- Modified Polyurethane
- Fibre Glass

On request we are happy to discuss further options.

Waterproofing of wet areas in residential buildings must comply with the Australian Standard AS3740, AS4564 and AS4858 and meet the requirements of the Building Code of Australia. A dwelling which now includes many portable buildings will not be passed by a local government authority unless there is a certificate of compliance. This is provided on completion of the works by Proflek Coatings Pty Ltd.


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